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CSRT in brief

CentraleSupélec Racing Team (CSRT) is the Formula Student Team of CentraleSupélec (merger of Centrale Paris and Supélec). The team is composed of 25+ members from all years and specialties of the School. Our objective is to design, build, test and run an electric car for the Formula Student Competition; an international student design competition.

The project started in 2013 when a group of 27 students from Centrale Paris decided to launch the project. They built from scratch a car with an internal combustion engine in a single year. The 2 following teams then optimized the design of the car and its components, but the project stopped in 2015.

2 Years later, students from CentraleSupélec decided to relaunch the project with an electric car. With the merger of Centrale Paris and Supélec, 2 top French engineering schools, the team has twice more potential and access to all fields of engineering to start this new project named CSRT.

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