The project is split in 2 periods of 1 year each. The first year will consist in acquiring a great knowledge to create a 3D model of the car and make all major design decisions. The second year will consist in making this 3D model a reality with all the constraints of the real world not considered in the first year. At the end of the first year, the team will take part to the Formula Student Competition in Class 2 (class reserved to design). At the end of the second year, it will be the class 1, the real competition.

Year 1 : Creation of the team and conception of the car’s 3D model

  1. Creation of CentraleSupélec Racing Team and its administrative structure
  2. Acquisition of a great knowledge database about all domains of Formula Student
  3. Conception of the 3D model of the car and simulation of its behavior in virtual environments
  4. Conception and tests of the electrical and electronical systems of the car
  5. Tests and scale models

Objective : Win the Class 2 competition at Silverstone in 2018

Year 2 : Optimization of the 3D model and building of the car

  1. Optimization of each part
  2. Manufacturing and reception of parts, assembling of the car
  3. Extensive tests in real conditions

Objective : Win the title of “Best Newcomer” in Class 1 at Silverstone in 2019

Why an electric car ?

  1. Electric cars have better performances (acceleration...) than thermal cars
  2. Electric motors are easier to control and allow a better control of the car
  3. Electric allows more innovations in all domains of the car
  4. Electric cars are the future of mobility and are widely studied in our school